The English Language in our San José de La Serena School


Once again, oral expression is the main objective in the annual activities of the English Department in our School.

This week it has surprised the Educational Community with the enthusiastic participation of the students of the Elementary level with songs from the units studied in English classes, such as “The Mouse Aerobics song”, “The weather song”, “Who took the cookie ”,“ The ABC song ”, among others.

We also enjoyed listening to our High School students, who sang their favourite English songs from the 80s.

No doubt the breaktimes were motivating and inspiring for the entire Educational Community.

We can not fail to stand out the Students from Third to Eighth grade that every year do not miss the opportunity to represent their grades in the Spelling Bee Contest.

Once more we feel very proud with our students performance in our English Week.

To finish we would like to thank all the parents who support us with the students customs and the teacher Sebastián Nuñez in the music area.

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